One Summer Day

Tittle : One Summer Day Cast : Oh Sehun Support Cast : EXO Brother Genre : Fluff, Comedy(?) Lenght : Drable Credit posters: tumblr Summary Once upon a time in a summer day ***


Tittle     :Gone Scriptwriter        : azuream8/Kim Main Cast            : Kim Minseok (Xiumin EXO), Kim You Jung Genre   : Fluff, Angst, Sad Duration              :Ficlet Rating   :T Summary In the place where memories rest Even in the warmth left at the tip of my fingers You are there, you are there Your scent, your face  

FLUFF | Cutiepie Kyungsoo

Cast: Do Kyungsoo ‘EXO’ and Lee Yoonhee ‘OC’  || Genre: Fluff, Comedy, Romance(?), AU || Rating: G || Length: Ficlet || BGM: Byul ft Kwon Jungyeol – So Cute Requested by: Mentari Lee Copyright © 2014 azuream8 All rights reserved Summary: Kyungsoo wants to grow taller